8 janvier 2014

OGILVY and meeting with Steeve Lapierre (day 3)

Pictures taken by Sarah Danis-Cyr

Blouse: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Pull: Forever 21
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Tights: Simon's
Socks: Simon's



Room where he talked to us
Look the Steeve Lapierre

Today i met a very special person at the Ogilvy house. Steeve Lapierre is the VP Marketing and he first started at Ogilvy as a dresser, after working for Ralph Lauren. This meeting was very inspiring to me, because when I see passionate people like him about their work and what they are doing, it makes me feel like everything is possible in fashion. The idea of working in fashion has occurred to me because I've always loved fashion, but it also occurs when i meet some people that work in this industry or students in fashion school. These people are so passionate that it makes me believe that when you really like what you are doing and when nothing else matters, you just need to focus on that and to work hard to reach your dreams. And with Steve, that’s what I felt about him. He likes what he does and we can see it. He first started his studies in fashion design, but he thought that it didn't show the reality, so he went in fashion marketing. And that new path lead him to become the VP Marketing at Ogilvy. Steve talked about the Ogilvy thinking; like how the consumer is important for them, the service, the brand in the store, etc. And his job is to preserve this thinking at Ogilvy.  Ogilvy exists since 1866; it changed many times of owner but it’s still famous like the first years that it was created.  Everybody in fashion knows what Ogilvy is. After, we had a guided tour of Ogilvy. I talked with him, asked questions and thanked him for the beautiful afternoon that I spent. When I was leaving, he told me that he liked my look with my skirt and everything… I don’t remember exactly, but I was very happy about his comments (this made my day).

I think that Steeve Lapierre is a very passionate and inspiring person and he passed his passion on today. It was a great meeting and I hope that I’m going to have the chance to talk with him again.

For my look, my friend took the pictures at school. I like to put a blouse under a big pull, it creates a chic look and you’re wearing a cozy, comfy pull. Pulls are very a must for the winter so i think it is a great look. And i had to put a skirt for sure ... I loved my day, it was awesome.

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