10 janvier 2014

My outfit of day 5 and The Last Emperor movie

Pictures taken by Sarah Danis-Cyr

Coat: 1861
T-Shirt: Forever 21
Pants: Americain Apparel
Shoes: Aldo


Today, we listened to The last Emperor, a movie/documentary about the last year of Valentino, before he took his retiring for good. It was a very inspiring movie, because Valentino is an iconic designer who made the most sophisticated dress in 45 years. The red dress became popular because of him and we all dreamed to have one… maybe one day. But at the same time the movie was very sad because it showed us the last runway and the last years of his career. That reminds me that iconic people like that are not gonna exist forever and there are other designers that will replace them; some are very good to keep the image of the brand, but others make too quick and big changes. I hope someday i’m gonna have a vintage red dress by Valentino (it’s one of my fashion dream). 

For my outfit of today, i put some high waist jean with a crop top with my favorite coat from 1861. And to finish the look i put one of my favorite high heels with some jewelry. Hope you like it !

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