9 janvier 2014

My little black dress look of Coco Chanel (day 4)

Pictures taken by Sarah Danis-Cyr
Dress: Sirens
Shoes: Top Shop

The little black dress
‘‘ Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. 
Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do 
with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.’’

-Coco Chanel

Gabriel Chanel is an iconic fashion designer of the 20’s. She’s the woman who created new style without including  corset anymore. She also popularised the short hair style (à la garçonne) and the look more masculine (pantsuit, pants, clothes that don’t show the waist, etc.) The style that she created was wore with hat some called «cloche» hat, pearl necklace and high heels around two inches. The Nº1 rule of Chanel is: A women with good shoes is never ugly! Chanel popularised the little black dress to become THE dress and not just seen in funeral ceremonies. The Nº5 rule is: Fashion is made to become unfashionable. The Chanel style is classic, simple, it has basic colors of black, navy, cream and white, androgynous shapes and it’s comfortable because there is no more corset. She made skirts and dresses shorter like the flappers. The Nº 4 is : A Fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion. They were an important inspiration (of the street) for her. The tweed suit became famous in her style. Nº6 : Fashion changes but style endures. Today, everyone base their looks on Coco Chanel’s looks on the tweed suit, but with changes with the looks of today. Her look was elegant and sophisticated. She created this new look called : the ‘boyish bob’ and ‘garconne frock’. Basically, it was men suits for women and for the first time, women were wearing high waited pants. This look was creating a flat chest effect. It was very new and different for this time. Nº8 : In orther to be irremplaceable, one must always be different. The little black dress was reinterpreted many times by many famous designers. Many stars wear it. 

So this is my version to the look the little black dress with many pearl necklesses and 2 inches high heels. I love these shoes, they are so amazing! I got them at Top Shop for Christmas and they are very classic but they shine at the detail at the back. For my hair, I put in up in a bun to create the short hair look. I love Coco Chanel styles.

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