6 janvier 2014

Back to school

Sweater: Brandy Melville Skirt: Americain Apparel Boots: Dr. Martens Tights: Aldo So I'm back to school, but not to start my second semester... I'm doing an English program intensive with my program of fashion design. In the morning, we have an English class and after the dinner, we are doing activities and we go to the lab to do homeworks. It's very interesting to do an English class related to Fashion. Today, we talked about John Galliano and what appened a couple years ago. It was very interesting. Plus, in 2 days, i will do a presentation about Coco Chanel... I'm so exited about it. My role in the teamwork is to search 5 pictures of runway collections of Coco Chanel and explain why these are representative of the line. For my look, i'm wearing a skirt again, with some original tights with crosses. I'm loving these two new items that I got on the boxing day sale.

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