17 janvier 2014


Picture with my friends, Sarah and Catherine

Picture taken by Sarah Danis-Cyr

Dress: Simon's
Coat: Axaria Paris
Gloves: Simon's
Scarf: Simon's
Handband: Aldo
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Clutch: Vintage

On wednesday afternoon, my English class and I went in downtown Montreal. We had to find a boutique and then present it today. So here’s the store that I chose for my oral : 1861. It’s located on 1861 Ste-Catherine street but there’s one on St-Laurent as well. This store is A-M-A-S-I-N-G ! This store carries many designers and some are local. There are many english people that go there and the average age is about 20 to 30 years old. Many Quebec celebrities went there to buy some dresses for events. You know, what I love the most about this store is the originality and all the details in the clothes they sell. The clothes you find the most there are dresses and skirts, and it’s perfect for me because I just wear this kind of clothes, as you can see in my post I’m not in jeans every day. Every time I go there, it is an amazing shopping experience because of the very good service. I think it’s a very different store because of that and because the clothes they carry. They sell high heels too and they are beautiful. Most of the clothes have pattern fabrics and I think they made the clothes different and unique. The style of the store is vintage, bohemian chic, glamor and sweet. I love it !

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