31 janvier 2014

January Favorites 2014

Favorite Coats:
Americain Apparel 65$
Americain Apparel 170$
Axaria Paris 140$ (615$)
Asos 68,83 €

Favorite skirts:

Americain Apparel 58$
Americain Apparel 58$
Asos 19,66 €
                                                                                                      Favorite short:
Simon's 20$ (95$)

Favorite bags:
Aldo 60$
Forever 21 10$

Aldo 35$

                                                               Favorite Tights/Socks:

Asos 7,02 €
Asos 8,43 €
Socks:Simon's 18$
Tights:Simon's 8$
Asos 8,43 €
Aldo 10$

Asos 5,62
Tight: Alodo 4$
Socks: Top Shop 6$

Favorite Hairstyle:

Favorite designer:
Coco Chanel (1883-1971)

Favorite Fashion blog: 
Hope  you enjoy my January favorites !

21 janvier 2014

Petroleum high heels

Pictures taken by Élyane Lebel

Jeans: PacSun
Sweater: Brandy Melville
Bag: Forever 21
Shoes: Top Shop

O.M.G. have you ever seen these gorgeous high heels? They’re my new babies! I got them on sale at Top Shop for 33$ instead of 110$. I was very lucky! These shoes take a basic look and elevate it to a fashionista look. I put ripped skinny jeans with a large black sweater and then put these shoes… BAM! I’m looking like a well dressed person from NYC. The thing with these shoes is they shine with different colors like petroleum, and I like it.  To complete the look, I wear my new bag from Forever 21 that I got for 8$. This green is one of my favorite colors of the moment. So here you have it! I’d like to know, would you wear this type of shoes? Please comment below, thanks!

20 janvier 2014

Polka dot dress

Pictures taken by Sarah Danis-Cyr

Dress: Siren's
Crop top: Forever 21
High Heels: Aldo
Watch: Nixon

This dress!… this dress is my favorite dress. I love it so much, I posted it three times on my blog and every time, I dress it very differently. Fistly, I dressed it with a jean blouse and then I dressed it with a transparency black bouse and now just with a blue crop top. I can totally wear it just normal but this way is more dressy and chic. But when I put something under it, it takes immediately a different look than the last time that I wore it. I always loved polka dot dresses. It’s wacky and original. What do you think about polka dot dresses?

19 janvier 2014

Dressing up with a maxi dress

Pictures taken by Élyane Lebel
Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Aldo

We all love long dresses when we see them in events. But you can totally wear a maxi dress when you want. This style is a little bit more chic, but if you put sandals and some jewelry that are more casual you can wear it for school or anywhere you want. I love maxi dresses, because i love long dresses that drag on the floor. I think they are elegant and I love them so much! For this one, i love the detail at the waist. The braided waistband makes the dress not to dressy and i like it for that. What you think about maxi dress?